The Magic Behind Your Podcast

Hi there podcaster! Would you like to enjoy your show again? How would it feel to take off all the tasks of producing, promoting, and repurposing off your plate? Would you like to design a show that brings you business without taking up all of your time? Then we need to talk.

Sarah Scott Studios
Sarah Scott Studios (1)

I work with podcasters to take the stress out of running their show

  • Podcast Promotion and Repurposing

    What if you could have someone leveraging all of that amazing content you create in just one podcast episode into content that fills your social media channels, website and emails? 

  • Podcast Production

    We will organize all of the details that need to happen after you record your episode. We add intros, outros, and sponsor messages. Light editing to provide a smooth communication of your message. We create transcripts, upload them to your podcast host, and write show notes.

  • Guest Management & Processes

    Your guests are the lifeblood of your show. Let's treat them as the superstars they are! We will help you setup intake processes for new guests and will follow up to let them know when their episode will be live and encourage them to promote the episode as well.

Customers Feedback

I work with business leaders who have launched podcasts to support their business and passion projects. 

Andrea Vahl
Andrea Vahl

Sarah is just incredible. I could not have launched my podcast without her. She does the editing, she gets the podcast episodes up on my site, she does all of the shorts and other social posts out and she does it in a reliable, consistent and fantastic way. She has helped me get thousands of downloads and lots of exposure on Instagram and Facebook, and she is just really incredible.

If you were thinking about having her on your team for podcast help, I highly recommend her. She's consistent and reliable. She has great ideas and she has been a super valuable member of my team.




Christine Gritmon
Christine Gritmon

Do you ever wish there were two (or more) of yourself, just so you could get everything done for your podcast (promo, repurposing, etc. - not just the bare minimum of editing and posting) without losing your mind?

Well, good news: Sarah is the second you you've been wishing for! 🌟 Honestly, you'll wonder how you got it all done before ("half-assed," that's how!), and your podcast will finally get the attention it deserves. Sarah knows what she's doing, so it'll be to second-you standards (and then some).

Also, you get to talk to Sarah! That is truly the best bonus of working with Sarah, to me: you get Sarah! (Let's be real, if you'd gotten an actual second you, you'd be constantly bickering. Sarah is better.

Pia Dogl
Pia Dögl

I am working with Sarah for a few months and I can highly recommend her work as a podcast manager.  For anyone who wants to run their own podcast series, but has no idea where to start and how to take the next steps, Sarah is the best expert to go to. She is not only passionate about what she is doing but also professional and well-experienced!










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